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Related post: Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:26:46 -0800 (PST) From: Jack pre-teen pic nude real Santoro Subject: Reunion With Al, Part 6, Adult Friends, 6/6Reunion with Al, Part 6 By I'd been enjoying a variety of hot sexual experiences with Al and his two younger brothers, whom I'd known when I'd been a child and young teen-ager. We'd enjoyed hot four-way sex, masturbating each other's pricks to the inevitable explosions. The older brother, Tom, had a long foreskin, even longer than mine, and it had been tight all his life until he'd learned to stretch it so that it now slid back to reveal his big purple mushroom fully. The younger brother, Tim, had been circumcised at birth, something he'd always regretted because his older brothers got so much enjoyment from their natural male anatomies. However, Tim had been stretching his shaft skin so pre-teen pissing that after months of effort he finally had nudist pre-teens a hood that covered his large mushroom completely. Now I was to go to Al's house that Saturday afternoon to see all three of them again. When Al let me in, pre-teen none nude models he and his two brothers were butt-naked, as usual, and all were hard. Tom immediately skinned his no nude pre-teen video foreskin back, saying: "Look, I can pre-teen masturbation pic get it back all the way gay pre-teen boys now, even while I'm hard. I got that tight ring at the end loose enough to slide easily over my thick rim." I saw that Tim's purple mushroom was bare, as his new hood had retracted with his erection. Unlike me pre-teens sex club and underground pre-teens Tom, he didn't have enough length to cover the head when european pre-teen hard. "Look at this," said Al, holding his erection out for me shy nude teens pre-teen to inspect. "Remember when my skin slid half-way back when I got hard? I've been using the same stretching technique as Tim to get more length, and it worked." I grasped his prick and pictures erotica pre-teen japanese slid his foreskin back and forth a few times, finding that it covered the head right to the end. "It worked for you, just like it worked for Tim," I said as I grasped Tim's pole around the shaft and brought his loose skin up to cover his corona. "All you need is more length, Tim, and you'll be as good as new," I added encouragingly. The purple dome of his mushroom protruded from the encircling hood. "I'll never be as good as new," said Tim ruefully. "When the doctor cut my skin off, he took the nerve endings with it. Still, my tip's more sensitive now that I keep it covered all the time." I understood his feelings. His prick had been assaulted when he'd been only a couple of pre-teen pictures nude forum days old, and his foreskin and the rich nerve endings in it, had been amputated forever. I saw the anguish in his eyes, and knew that he'd forever resent that he'd been held down and had suffered excruciating and burning pain as the blade had sliced into his tender flesh. I don't know if illegal pre-teen hentai I was born with a long skin or a short one," said Tim. "I'll never forgive Mom for letting them cut me." "I don't know what you had when you were born," said Al. "When Mom and you came home from the hospital, you started screaming and Mom pulled off your diaper. The end of your little dinkie was covered with a piece of gauze, and that was soaked with piss and blood. Your little thimble was all red, and the cut line behind it was oozing blood. I didn't know that some babies had their skins cut off. I asked her what happened to pre-teen nude art pic your dinkie, and that was when I first heard the word circumcision. Mom said it was done the day before." "Why'd she let them do it?" asked Tim, anguish obvious in his expression. "The doctor was real slick," Al explained, "bullshitting her about cleanliness and how you'd probably need it done later anyway. He talked about pre-teen little models it like it was nothing, like getting your toenails pre-teensex illeagal cut. After she signed the permission form, the nurse took you across the hall where they did it. Mom said that when she heard you screaming she realized that this was real surgery, without any anesthetic. When the nurse brought you back to her, you were crying and your face was all red." "You cried every time gallerie pre-teens russian the hot piss hit the open cut," added Tom. pre-teen bbs free nudist pre-teen pic "I was five when you were born, and I remember that." "You screamed every day for about two weeks," said Al. "I remember there was an infection down there, and your little dinkie was sore as hell. Mom put Vaseline on the head each time she put on a new piece of gauze, and maybe that helped a little." "There were a few kids in my class who were cut," said Tim, turning to me. "I talked to them and they'd all been delivered by that bastard doctor. Would you believe that shit? pre-teen free pix He must have paid for his vacation in Hawaii with all the skins he cut." "Well, you've photos pre-teen still got a new hood that you can stretch as far as you like," I said, "and now your tip's as glossy as mine and your brothers'. It's gotten more sensitive, and I know you enjoy sex more." "You're right, Jack," he said as I began to disrobe. "My tip is more sensitive, and now I even get over-sensitive when I come, just like you guys." I knew what he meant, Al and Tom and I usually found that our tips pre-teen russian movies did become pre-teen incest pics overly sensitive about halfway through our orgasms, and that we had to stop stroking to pre-teen sexy avoid distress. We had to be careful while doing each other for this reason. I was already half-hard both from the sex talk and from exhibiting myself to these hot men, and now Tim reached for my prick, slipping my foreskin pre-teen boys expertly back from the head. "I really like the shape of your helmet," he said. "That flaring rim looks so sexy. I could suck on your tip all day." "I've been telling them about Princeton," Al said as he led us into the adjoining bedroom. He tiny pre-teen turned and rubbed the end of his foreskin against early teen pre-teen xxx my naked glans, producing a pleasant tickling sensation that pre-teen denudas left me wanting more. Tom sat on the bed and brought his face close to our pricks. "I love the smell of your cocks," Tom said. "They smell a lot like petite pre-teen models nn mine, but still a little different. I can tell young models teen pre-teen you didn't take a shower this morning," he continued, looking at me. "Your tips smell really nice, and there's a little white stuff around your rim. That really turns me on." "No, I ran out of the house so fast I didn't have the chance. Want me to take one now?" I reached down to stroke Tom's hood up and down his glistening reddish mushroom. "No, don't worry about showering now," Al said. "We'll take showers later. Right now let's get set up for Princeton." He reached inside the bedside table and withdrew a couple of magnum size condoms. "You want to wear the rubber, or should I?" I asked Al. "You wear it, I don't care, really," answered Al. "I already explained about Princeton to them before you came, and now all we have to do is give them a demonstration. As he spoke, Al reached pre-teen desnudas for my prick to make sure my foreskin was drawn back tightly and handed the foil envelope to Tom. "Here, you like Jack's helmet shaped head so much, so you slip it on him." Tom tore open the envelope and removed the yong pre-teen porno condom, pouring a few drops of Astroglide into it. "I know you don't juice much, and you really like this stuff," he said as he stretched the tight ring of latex over my turgid helmet and unrolled it down the length of my shaft. Al lay on the bed on his right side facing away from me, and I lay down behind him as he lifted pre-teen model photo his thigh. I slipped my penis between his thick thighs, nestling the head so that it just touched his sac. Tim placed a towel on the bed in front of Al's stomach to catch the discharge when it came. "Maybe we can time it so we come together," Al said as he felt my fingers wrap around his hard shaft, clasping the covering skin and coaxing it gently back and forth. I began thrusting slowly, reveling in the sensations of the delicious friction inside the condom as my prick slid back and forth inside the rubber sleeve. "Maybe," I said noncommittally as I kept up the gentle stroking of his foreskin, knowing that my caresses were fueling his excitement. I saw that Tim and Tom sat facing us, hands in each other's laps, gently stroking. "This can be really exciting," Al explained to his brothers. It's nice to get stroked and sucked, but for some of us we get pre-teen asian girls pics pre-teens photos new the black pre-teen most intense orgasms when we thrust, like Jack's doing to me now." "How do you plan to time it," Tim asked. He news phothos pre-teens was the youngest and least experienced of the brothers. "I think I'll let Jack bring me right to the edge, and when I start to come I'll reach down and press my fingers into the underside of his helmet. That should make him bust his nut." I was thrusting faster now, becoming caught up in the excitement, and instinctively my fingers tightened around Al's prick. "That feel good, Al?" I asked. "Shit, yeah," he replied. "You really got me goin' now." "Al's balls are getting' tighter," spoke Tom. "You doin' all right?" Al asked me. I knew he could feel every thrust, especially as the head of my prick nudged his very young pre-teen sluts balls, but I was still thrusting slowly, taking long strokes, nowhere near to losing control. "I'm doing fine," pre-teen modeling site lingerie I answered. "It feels really good between your thighs." "I'm gonna tighten up and see what that does for you," he said. I felt his powerful thigh muscles contract, tightening on my thrusting prick, gripping the shaft and head and making the sensations hotter. "That's good," I said, and involuntarily my thrusts accelerated. My prick was now sliding freely inside the condom, and the friction was pushing me towards the peak. "Jack can pump as hard as he wants, and that rubber protects him from hair burns," Al explained to his brothers. "The rubber also catches his come, so you don't have to clean it out of your pubic hairs," Tim pointed out. "I wish I could watch Jack's cock when he comes," sighed Tom, continuing to stroke his brother's foreskin lovingly usenet uncensored pre-teen over the tip. pre-teen boys sex videos Tim was caressing Tom's long foreskin over the head in slow, languid strokes, carefully avoiding the rhythm that would give him an orgasm. They planned to do Princeton themselves after we'd finished, and a premature orgasm would spoil it for them. "I can see Al's tip getting' darker each time the skin goes back," Tom observed. "Gettin' close, Al?" "Yeah, Jack's getting' me close," he answered. "I can feel him moving more against me, too." I'd increased my pace thrusting as I became caught up in the excitement of caressing Al's prick and feeling his warm thighs squeezing my prick to heighten my sensations. At the same time, I was feeling Al's erection stiffening even more, and the enhanced bulge of his thick mushroom through the gliding foreskin. "I can feel your tip getting bigger through the skin," I muttered. My pre-teen sexsites breathing was heavy now, and my entire body was caught up in quick thrusting between Al's thighs. "You're makin' my tip tingle," Al whispered. "Al's eyes just closed," observed Tim. I knew Al was withdrawing from the world now, becoming entirely caught up in the delicious sensations. I felt the heat build up in Al's prick as I watched his brothers stroking each other. The excitement was contagious and I began swift thrusts that brought me closer to the edge, real sexy pre-teens bumping Al's balls with my helmet with each forward thrust. "Faster," Al whispered. I responded by pumping Al's prick more quickly, pre-teen boys nudist striving to bring him to the delicious moment of free nude pre-teen mpegs release, and I felt my glans become more swollen as my excitement rose to match his. Al's breathing was heavy now, and he began to grunt each time I brought his foreskin up over the swollen head to compress its many nerve endings. Al's prick always leaked a lot, and now I felt the adult nude pre-teen model surplus lubricant flowing over my fingers. I felt Al's body tighten up as I slammed my hips against him, and I yanked his foreskin back hard as he slipped his hand between his thighs, probing behind his balls. His prick throbbed in my hand as he gave a piercing cry of blissful agony. "He's shootin' hard," yelled Tom as pre-teen art porn I felt the heavy throb of Al's orgasm in my tightly encircling fingers. Now I felt his fingertips pressing into under age pre-teen sex the underside of my helmet to trigger my pre-teen boys photo orgasm, and my eyes closed. The hard contact against my vee-shaped cleft and gee-string made me howl as the sensations in my prick exploded. I cried out helplessly as my cock-root contracted sharply, squirting the first load of cream into my tube. The first hot discharge burned its way to my glans, where it slammed through the lips of my slit, distending it as it filled the condom. Al's cock continued to throb between my rapidly moving fingers as it discharged stream after stream of hot white cream. I felt my hot fluid swirling around my helmet, coating it and pouring into the pre-teen pussy native american deep grove behind my rim. Al's body strained against mine as he thrust into my fist, and my encircling fingers stripped back his foreskin. My hips slammed against him again and again, my body on automatic pilot, straining to shoot as many discharges as it could. Our howls filled the room as we enjoyed our orgasms together, bonded by more than the mere physical sensations. I was aware that Al was feeling exactly what I was feeling during those delicious moments of mutual climax, as I kept thrusting with wild abandon. We were utterly lost in the free-fall of our orgasms, conscious only of the intense pleasure that filled our bodies. I stopped stroking Al, and just held pre-teen sex picturs his foreskin tightly back, as I kept thrusting until I was drained. We lay together, clinging, my fingers still around his prick, which was now softening. We were utterly spent, dazed by our efforts, and torpid. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Tim looking down at me. "Man, you were really pumping away all the time you were coming," he said. "Didn't your tip get too sensitive this time?" I thought for a minute before answering. "I think what happened was that all I shot was caught by the rubber. It coated my tip and softened the sensations. There just wasn't as much friction once I started coming." I withdrew my now softening prick from between Al's thighs and showed him the condom, bulging with my liquid discharge. "Good thing you stopped pumping mine," Al said sleepily. "I thought you were going to tear the skin right off." It was then that I realized that, caught up as I'd been in the pre-teen no nude pics frenzy of my orgasm, I might have been a bit too rough on him. I realized that my fist had tightened even more around his prick as my body had strained with the fury of my orgasm. "You shot a lot, Al," said Tom. "Look at that towel. You really soaked it." "Jack unloaded a lot too," said Al as he slipped the condom off my now limp prick." "Yeah, but we couldn't see how far he shot free pre-teens mpeg links since his cock was in the rubber and between your legs," said Tim. "You shot so far it almost went off the towel." "I had pre-teen sex creampie to lift the edge of the towel to make sure and catch your loads," said Tom. He continued stroking Tim's prick as he spoke, as Tim was doing to him. I pushed my foreskin forward to cover my now naked head, feeling it slide easily over the coating of Astroglide and my cream. "Which one of you wants to be the top," gay pre-teen boy pics asked Al, using the colloquialism. "I think Tim should," answered Tom. "I know how he really enjoys thrusting. Remember how he kept pushing his cock tgp pre-teen thai girls into your skin when you docked him, Jack? He did the same when I docked him." "Tim likes thrusting, and I know he likes playing with your long skin," pre-teen rompl added Al. "He really gets turned on now that your skin comes back off the head." Tom peeled Tim's new hood back as hentai pre-teen Al was speaking, getting him ready for the condom. "I'll put it on him," I said as Al handed me another foil envelope. The slit at the end of Tim's prick seemed to wink at me as it disgorged another large drop of natural lubricant. I spread the viscous fluid around the ridge of his mushroom with a fingertip, making him pre-teen girls sex shudder in response. "Hey Tim's tip really is more sensitive now," Al commented at the sight. "I used to do that to him and it didn't give sites pre-teen nude that reaction." I placed the ring of latex on the large dome of Tim's mushroom and began unrolling it over his rim and down his shaft to the base. I left a little slack so that he'd be able to thrust comfortably between Tom's thighs. Tom lay on his right side where Al had been, and Tim eased in behind him. Tim lifted his right thigh. "Let's get you in there, Bro," he said encouragingly as Tim pre-teen bbs nude eased his prick into the gap until the head touched Tom's scrotum. "Both your sacs are tight, guys," I observed. "I guess the excitement's catching up to you." Tom lowered his thigh, capturing his brother's penis, and Tim began thrusting slowly in and out. Al placed a fresh towel in front of Tom's abdomen. "That feels so good," Tim said as he reached over his brother's waist to wrap his fingers around Tom's rock-hard erection. He began to stroke Tom's foreskin back and forth, slowly and lovingly. "Tim knows just the amount of pressure I like," Tom said. "He's done me so often he knows what turns me on." "Right now I'm just using light pressure around his cock," Tim said as he continued thrusting and stroking. "Later, I'll squeeze his cock a little more." I sat next to Al on the bed as we watched the brothers building their mutual excitement. Al insinuated his fingers between Tom's thighs pre-teen feet forum to cup his tight sac. I twisted Tom's nipples to add to pre-teen sex binaries his excitement, as I knew Tom was very nipple-sensitive. "Tim knows how to handle Tom's long skin," Al commented to me. "See how he's taking those long slow strokes, all the way back behind the ridge and then all the way up to make a pucker beyond the head?" "He's got the experience," I japanese pre-teen movies answered. "He knows exactly what Tom needs." Now Tim was thrusting faster as his excitement built, and he changed his grip pre-teen xxx movie on Tom's spanking pre-teen nude girls prick, fisting it instead of using just his fingertips. Both brothers were beginning to breathe heavily, Tim breathing harder because he was doing the thrusting. "I can feel it each time his head touches my balls," said Tom. "His toplist pre-teen sex cock's sliding real good down there." "Tim's juicing a lot of lube into that rubber," said Al. "He's really sliding in there." "Are you getting' enough feeling, Bro?" asked nonnude pre-teens Tom. "It's very slippery," answered Tim. "It's not like before." "Okay, then I'll tighten down on you," said Tom and I saw his muscular thighs tighten to give Tim's thrusting prick more sensation. "That's good, very good," whispered Tim. "Am I doing it right for you?" "You could go a little faster," answered Tom. Tim's fist increased its pace, now african pre-teen pics whipping his brother's foreskin back and forth, rhythmically covering and uncovering the large mushroom. "I can see Tom's tip is gettin' darker," I said. Tom's body was tensing under the impact of the sensations along his shaft and glans. "I can feel pre-teen nude ilegal his tip's gettin' harder now," whispered Tim between naked pre-teen heavy pre-teen sex blog breaths. "I can feel it right through the skin." "It's very shiny," added Al. "You're gonna explode pretty soon, Tom." Tim's clenched fist pre-teen female nymphette was flying up and down Tom's prick, pushing him relentlessly towards the brink, and I saw Tom's eyes close. "Almost there, Bro," he muttered through clenched teeth as free top pre-teen model his face reddened. Tim was pumping his prick hard into him now, his body straining with the effort. "I think Tom's really out of it now," Al said to me. "I'll press my fingers into the underside of Tim's head when Tom starts to bust his nut." Both brothers were breathing hard now, grunting with the effort, and I knew they'd be blowing their loads any second. I knew Tom would be first because his prick was more sensitive than Tim's, the nerve endings in his natural foreskin adding their input to his excitement. "OOOOHHHHH!" Tom groaned, and his jaw muscles tightened. Al and I watched the long slit at the end of his mushroom distend as the first hot torrent slammed through them pre-teen forums nudes to land on the towel. Al pushed his fingers deeper between Tom's thighs, probing sexy young pre-teens for the underside pre-teen passwords of Tim's glans, and a second later Tim howled in ecstasy as his climax unleashed himself. Tim's prick spat again, the white cream flying over the towel and landing on my thigh, and I lifted the edge of the towel to intercept further streams. Both brothers' bodies were convulsing now, straining against each other in the throes of their orgasms, their cries of agonized joy filling the air. Tom's prick shot again, disgorging pre-teen girl model teen a thick ropy stream that soaked the towel where it hit. Tom and Tim's faces were red, straining with the fury of their orgasms. I reached out to grasp Tim's fist, stopping it on the back stroke, because I knew that he was so caught up in his frenzy that he wasn't aware that his brother's prick was becoming too sensitive for further stroking. I held Tim's fist hard, keeping Tom's foreskin stretched tightly back, baring the dark red mushroom as it discharged again. Al and I watched avidly as Tom's engorged glans shot its last loads, and then began dribbling with the residual stream that free pictures nude pre-teens had turned less milky. Tim's thrusts were slowing, and we knew that his crisis was ending as well. Now both brothers were still, but we saw that Tom's long slit was still seeping, and guessed that Tim's was as well. Their bodies relaxed and their breathing slowed as they sank into the deep daze after their biological storm. A couple of minutes later Tom opened his eyes, saying: "Man, what express train hit me? "I really blew a load that time." "I did too," added Tim as he opened his eyes. "I was pumping so hard, and then I felt your fingers under the head..." "My fingers," Al corrected. "Your brother was so out of it that I had to do it." "Yeah, Al triggered your orgasm," I confirmed. "I had to hold the towel up or Tom's loads would have gone all over the bed and the floor." "My bladder's almost bursting," I said. "I held off because I wanted pre-teens naturist photos to be able to flush my prick after I came." "Me too," said Tom. "None free pre-teen tits of us peed before you arrived because we all had the same idea." "I'm ready for a good hot pre-teen pre-teen nn pee," said Al as he got up and led us to the bathroom. pre-teen model top list Turning on the water in the shower, he added: "Maybe only one of you should get in with me at a time. That way, if you want to feel the thrill of the hot spray on your tips, you won't be letting go before you're ready." "You go first," Tom said to me. "You look like you really need to go." I stepped into the shower behind Al, who had skinned his prick back and had taken the spray nozzle off its bracket. He was spraying his tip with the hot jet turned to the power setting. He was facing the shower for this and I stood right behind him, watching the heavy yellow stream shooting from the front dome of his mushroom head. "Aaaahhh, that feels good," he said as he emptied himself. He stood with his knees slightly bent, reveling in the feeling of his bladder draining. I knew the sensation, as we'd done this a pre-teen nudist girls few months before, and I was eager to feel it again. A thought struck me as I was watching Al pee. "You know, some of these doctors are unreal. One who gave me a physical a few years back told me I ought to get my foreskin removed so I wouldn't catch it in the zipper." "Oh, great idea! Get the tip caught instead," Al replied sarcastically. "I knew a few cut kids who got their tips caught that way, and it ain't no fun." `Yeah, I got my foreskin caught once, and I was damn glad it wasn't pre-teens pussies the helmet." "Anyway, I'm finished now," Al said. "Let's change places and you skin back." I held my prick out and carefully drew back the foreskin, locking it behind my flaring rim, as I stepped in front of him. He played the jot jet stream directly on the broad upper surface of my helmet, and suddenly pre-teen asian sex video I felt an intense feeling pervade the entire glans, stimulating my sphincter to relax. The powerful stream burned its way up my tube, forcing its way out through the lips of my lil young pre-teen porn slit. "Man, your slit really puckers," Al commented pre-teens in thongs as he peered over my shoulder. "That feels so good, draining myself and flushing out my plumbing," I said. I peed for about a minute before my stream relented and became a dribble. Al pointed the hot young pre-teen naked stray downward as he milked my shaft to bring every last drop to the tip, pre-teens nudism and then he gay pre-teen sex dexterously slipped my foreskin forward. "Next!" he said, and Tom joined us. I stood behind Al as he pointed the hot spray at Tom's mushroom, which was already skinned back, and I saw the stinging needles of the jet splash off the wide glans. Tom exhaled as he let go, and we watched his broad stream pouring through the lips of his long slit. He lasted about as long as I had, as he'd been holding back for a long while. When he'd finished, he milked his prick, carefully pulling his long foreskin down, where it formed a pre-teen bikini nipple in front of the glans. "Okay, Tim, your turn," said Al, and nudist pre-teen models Tim stepped into the shower with us. Al grasped his hood and pushed it back to bare porn pre-teen vids the big purple mushroom. He directed the hot jet at the upper surface and Tim shuddered as his stream began, reveling in the delicious sensations stabbing into his glans. He lasted about the same time, and when his stream had slowed to a dribble I reached down to milk his shaft. When I'd gotten the residue out, I pulled his new hood down to cover his mushroom. Our bbs pre-teens pricks were half-erect from the stimulation, heads engorged to full pre-teens non-nude size, although our shafts pre-teen girl porno were still limp. We rinsed ourselves, and then dried each other carefully. "Let's go out for pizza and beer," Al suggested, and we all agreed. We got dressed pics pre-teens and did pre-teen nude pron exactly that, hungry after our bout of exercise. The End
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